What People are Saying About Regina Ress

“Regina is a powerful storyteller and her fascination with a wide range of cultures and literatures, and her thoughtful research, has enabled her to use unfamiliar and evocative materials in her performances, enriching the lives of all who hear her.”
- Marilyn Iarusso, Storytelling Specialist, The New York Public Library

“In New York’s Central Park, Noggs listens to Regina Ress, performing Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, surrounded by a rapt audience of dozens of children and adults. (I express) admiration at the large audience that has gathered to hear her. “Storytelling is growing fast in America,” Ress declares, “because we need to hear the truth.”
- The London Telegraph, Newman Noggs, 9/4/99.

“The highlight of the day’s events was storytelling by Regina Ress.”

-Dorthea Basile, The Brooklyn Museum

“Regina has a rare range of emotions and a cache of stories she’s collected from all over our world. With classic precision, she both teaches and delights.”
- Calvin Keet, PhD State of Hawaii, Dept. of Education

“You made the beautiful poetry of the Borneo rain forest come alive.”
-Billie-Jean Isbell, Cornell University

“Regina is doing fine work performing and talking about Adi, Song of Agan, an epic from  the rain forest of Borneo. When Regina tells this epic, there is a sense of the earth in her eyes and an awareness that the characters are just as modern as our neighbors down the road.”
-Storyteller Jay O’Callahan in his Fall 1999 Newsletter

“You bring an energy and freshness to the classroom that is grounding and inspiring at the same time.”
Beth Kotch, 4th grade teacher, PS 3, NYC

“Your work is powerful, daring and wonderful.”

- Jay O’Callahan

“The immediacy, intimacy, accessibility and emotional pull of your performance
really struck a chord with folks. They loved you!”
-Greg Sturge,  Director of Glenwood Arts, Long Island