Healing Voices-Personal Stories Film Co.

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Regina is on the Board of Healing Voices-Personal Stories, a  film company based in Santa Fe, NM, dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of domestic violence.


We make film/video with the mission of raising public awareness of domestic violence, specifically people who have suffered it and overcome it.  We feature women from many different socio/economic and cultural backgrounds telling their stories. We are currently working on a film about Domestic Violence against men. Domestic violence cuts across all groups…economic, social,  cultural, gender, sexual preference.

In telling their stories, the survivors we have so far featured both help themselves to clarify their striving for a better life and offer role models for those still caught in the trap of domestic violence.

Our seven films can be freely accessed on our website and for a small fee to cover costs, we will mail DVD versions along with teaching guides to shelters, educational institutions and community organizations.

All of our  films have been featured in film festivals and Jessica’s Story won best in category (LGBT). Our sixth film, Jeannine’s Story,  was featured in the Detroit Shetown Film Festival.  Our seventh film, Through the Door,  features nine women from Esperanza Shelter in Santa Fe who participated in a program of movement and meditation as part of their journey to heal from domestic violence. Sections of their final performance in the CCA art gallery in Santa Fe is included in this beautiful film which was featured in the 2018 Los Angeles Awareness Festival  and in the 2019 Santa Fe Film Festival.

Healing Voices – Personal Stories is sponsoring a National Day of Action Against Domestic Violence for October 5, 2019.  . For additional information please visit our website for Day of Actionhttps://dvdayofaction.org

Please visit our website for more information and “like” our Face Book Page.

Contact information is available on both.




-educate victims     -end the cycle of abuse      -demonstrate the possibilities of life after abuse


-Make films of domestic violence survivors that focus on different socio-economic groups

-Find venues to distribute this information 

-Present film subjects who are positive role models for victims