It is an ever shifting journey, being still in this octagonal oasis anchored by its central fountained- pillar with Lynn Parrish Hathaway’s Tears-of-the-Mountains glass circle  suspended above it. The world flows through the cafe, sometimes stopping, settling int to enjoy the tranquility, sometimes simply finding a quick energy boost and moving along. At our tables I note meetings of minds and meetings of hearts. Some people come for a coffee break; others, for a soul break. As our yoga teacher Laura says, “It is all good.”  The oasis certainly is good. And it just gets better and better.

Our “children’s corner” has morphed into a comfortable table-for-two semi-private space. As I write this, a woman who volunteers coordinating information for firefighters is bent over her laptop in there, working with teams dealing with the many wild fires in the region.  She said to me that the café is a real “refuge.”

If you are in Santa Fe, stop by.  We’ll be glad to see you.

posted on July 13th, 2013
written by reginaress


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