Heart Soothing

It has been a year since 30 adults and children gathered in the Café for what I envisioned as “warm and fuzzy” for the holiday season. Story and Cider Sunday, we had named it. I planned to tell the great Christmas story of love and self sacrifice, The Gift of the Magi by O.Henry.  I did, in fact, tell it. And then I told another favorite, “I’m Tipingee, She’s Tipingee, We’re Tipingee Too, “ a Haitian tale of  love and community,  for that Sunday was  2 days after the Sandy Hook shootings. The “warm and fuzzy” became a communal meditation on love,  self-sacrifice,  and on children and community. The disparate group that arrived in the café, all of us torn up by the news from CT, became a community whose hearts were soothed and minds re-focused on the messages of this season: love, and light.  We’ve been telling stories in the Café ever since. Hillside holds the Community well.

~Blessings and love and light to you all from Regina

posted on December 14th, 2013
written by reginaress


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