Yummy Food and Yummy Stories:Two Terrific Events in the Cafe

This past weekend our Cafe was buzzing. On Friday our South African tea specialist Bill Zunkel .. with the help of Chef Fernando Olea…whipped up some divine chicken curry with chutney from Cape Town and other side dishes…a recipe he learned while living in South Africa.

A group of us gathered  and feasted, washing it down with cups of the Tea Chileño, a perfectly balanced blend of rooibus and chile that Bill has created. The event was called A Taste of South Africa…and it was good fun and good eating!    Then on Saturday evening we hosted the Storytellers of New Mexico for a concert of Peace Tales.  Juba Addison was here from Las Cruces, Bob Kanegis, Sarah Malone, and Elaine Muray were here from Albuquerque, Terry Foxx came in from Los Alamos, and Mary Ellen Gonzales and I represented Santa Fe. The tales told included both traditional and personal stories from Iroquois Confederacy history, the Maori of New Zealand, the Sufi, Jerusalem, a Zen story, Africa’s Wangari Maathai, and a church in Los Alamos. The Cafe is a great place for storytelling.Bob 1
Our next StorySwap will be on Thursday, Oct. 3rd…with a pre Halloween theme of Experiencing the ‘Crack Between the Worlds.’  Have you ever encountered a ghost? Experienced  the mysterious sensation of another dimension? Come on over at 6 Pm and tell us about it.

posted on September 16th, 2013
written by reginaress


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