Sample Storytelling Programs

STORYTELLING is one of the oldest and purest art forms. It is about direct communication from teller to listener. There is the story, the teller, the audience and the interplay between them. Storytelling entertains, challenges, teaches and transforms.
And…Storytelling is lots of fun!


Sample of Regina’s Programs for Children


Flexible, participatory programs, designed for occasion, age, special needs. These tales from around the world are organized by theme or culture.


Rabbit, Monkey, Anansi, Gluscabi, Kanchil….
All cultures tell tales of these clever and often
stupid Beings who survive the “crocodiles” of life
and also their own mistakes.


Latin American stories told in English with a good sprinkling of Spanish…or Spanish, with a good sprinkling of English!


Stories and songs which emphasize
the interconnection of all life on earth.
Perfect for Earth Day … or any day.


“Regina is a powerful storyteller
and her fascination with a wide
range of cultures and literatures,
and her thoughtful research,has
enabled her to use unfamiliar and
evocative materials in her
performances, enriching the lives
of all who hear her.”

~ Marilyn Iarusso, Storytelling Specialist,
The New York Public Library

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“Your telling of the Haitian tale Horse and Toad was just too delicious!”

~Peg O’Sullivan, Festival Director, Connecticut Storytelling Center


Sample Programs for Older Children and Adults


The Power of the Word (Egyptian) The creation of the world, the gods, and civilization along the Nile. These stories include love, treachery, and triumph!

Quetzalcoatl in Myth and Legend (Aztec/Toltec) Mythology and Legend come together in these extraordinary stories from the Toltec/Aztec cultures of ancient Mexico. Creation, Destruction, Love, Loss,
and the Promise of Return.

Adi, Song of Agan (Dayak/Borneo) An extraordinary example of oral literature, this great narrative, with its recognizable human relationships and sly humor, is centered on the larger than life hero, Agan, as he faces life’s great challenges–love and death.



Cupid’s arrows bring delight,
sorrow, laughter and learning
in these stories both classic and
modern which explore the fires
of human passion and
complexity of human love.


Years of being a passionate
resident of Greenwich Village
have given Regina an eye for
character, place, and history.
You want NY Stories?
Regina has them! And you can too on her new CD.

Compassion, Generosity, Grace- Stories from 9/11

Regina witnessed both the attack on 9/11 and the outpouring of help and love which followed it. Her stories remind us that love is stronger than hate.

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“The immediacy, intimacy, accessibility and emotional pull
of your performance really struck a chord with folks. They loved you!”

~Greg Sturge,  Director of Glenwood Arts, Long Island